Eerie Halloween Ballad…coming in just a few moments

Eerie Halloween Ballad...coming in just a few moments

I’ve discovered recently that one of the more welcome side effects of seasickness (more welcome than the tendency to wallow in self pity and loathing whilst sitting on a bathroom floor with no pants on)* is a wavelike stream of unexpected, vivid and beautiful images and phrases. Wonderful, colourful things flow into my mind unbidden as I lie in my own sweat, nibbling ginger biscuits like a pathetic oversized mouse.

The following song is the incarnation of one of these strange sickly gifts from the subconscious. I’ve added a few recurring nightmares, a sprinkling of recent memory, and more game of thrones influence than I might care to admit. There you have it…all the ingredients for a nice spooky ballad from the days of yore. Perhaps my days of yore, before I was reincarnated as Emma Ashton. Who knows.

*anyone who has experienced seasickness for prolonged periods can hopefully empathise. The simple task of pulling up ones pants after weeing becomes a gargantuan challenge worthy only of great warriors such as Alexander the Great or Atreyu, especially if it is expected to be undertaken after the equally gargantuan challenge of going for a wee in the first place,.

What do you mean, I’m being melodramatic?

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