Pastures new and Leche mù

Emma does a (Panama) City Break

I only arrived an hour ago; enough time to have a mini-mooch, the results of which are below. I'm in the old town, at Magnolia Hotel. Over the river the skyline glitters and beckons. Still wondering if there's a Zara...

Hammocks of the Azuero/Homecoming

After a month winding my way up and down the Trans-American highway to reach parts of Panama other musicians cannot reach, I conclude with the following: Three things I love about travelling in Panama The three best hostels I stayed in during the journey A special report on the return to Bocas, with music, sloths, … Continue reading Hammocks of the Azuero/Homecoming

No-see-ums in Paradise

It's not all relaxing, you know. The water varies in depth over this lagoon, nicknamed the swimming pool, with some areas only two or three feet deep and others up to 20 feet. We've spotted at least one large turtle, plenty of rays, and one eagle ray which does its rounds around Bloodshot each evening. … Continue reading No-see-ums in Paradise