Lingering in Agadir

One day, I might actually work out how this interweb works. Is my picture there? Jaysus.

Anyway, I am relaxing in the tourist town of Agadir, which is under mist at the moment. All memories of monstrous black waves of death, dolphin pods, cuppa soup overdose, sleep deprivation hallucinations, phosphorescence, crying for my mummy (just one night, when the waves were really monstrous and black) and utter isolation have faded, leaving only a blissful relaxed mood tinged with the nagging feeling that I’ve missed a creative arts meeting or not paid a gas bill.

I’m going to try and post this now. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Lingering in Agadir

  1. I have had quite a few glasses of wine and doing a really good job of not weeping into my empty. So incredibly happy for you..enjoy every minute!xxx

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