A Week in the Life

Here is a link to a guest post I wrote I while back, for The Professional Hobo; a website run by Nora Dunn, who decided eight years ago to realise her dream of being a full-time traveller and is still going strong. Her appreciation of slow travel and determination to craft a life for herself … Continue reading A Week in the Life

No Illusions, No Conclusions

Some days, I feel like a pioneer of love. Other days, I wonder why so many of us are left alive. I've been tussling with some very core ideas for a while now; who I am, what I want, and what I want to achieve. What it means for me to be on this planet. … Continue reading No Illusions, No Conclusions

Night Rainbow

While I take a very deep breath and come to terms with the massiveness of the adventure I've had, I share with you a song I wrote and recorded in El Hierro, Canary Islands ago. Many months ago, on the other side of the Atlantic, I glimpsed a night rainbow, something I didn't even know … Continue reading Night Rainbow

No-see-ums in Paradise

It's not all relaxing, you know. The water varies in depth over this lagoon, nicknamed the swimming pool, with some areas only two or three feet deep and others up to 20 feet. We've spotted at least one large turtle, plenty of rays, and one eagle ray which does its rounds around Bloodshot each evening. … Continue reading No-see-ums in Paradise