Pastures new and Leche mù

Cave Song

https://soundcloud.com/emma-jay-ashton/cave-song This song was actually written by a cave woman, many millenia ago, and sent to me, through the ages, on a lunar wind. She watches her family, and learns from them. She burns with the fire of discovery and hears echoes from her own future. Her heart cries for glory and for things she … Continue reading Cave Song

Hammocks of the Azuero, Part 2

6 september continued... I am in Santa Fe. It is a quiet mountain town which has a ghostly, half-abandoned atmosphere. There are horses tied up outside supermarkets. Incidentally, the fact that every Panamanian town, no matter how small or remote, has a Chinese supermarket, is something that baffles me.  A lonely wind blows over cloud-covered … Continue reading Hammocks of the Azuero, Part 2

Hammocks of the Azuero, Part 1

Apologies for the prolonged absence...I fully intend to make up for it, despite a lack of certain punctuation marks on this borrowed laptop (it beats the olde worlde internette shoppes though), with a thrilling article detailing my intrepid adventures around the Azuero Peninsula, on the Pacific Coast of Panama. Yes, I am back to my … Continue reading Hammocks of the Azuero, Part 1