Emma does a (Panama) City Break

I only arrived an hour ago; enough time to have a mini-mooch, the results of which are below. I'm in the old town, at Magnolia Hotel. Over the river the skyline glitters and beckons. Still wondering if there's a Zara...


A Week in the Life

Here is a link to a guest post I wrote I while back, for The Professional Hobo; a website run by Nora Dunn, who decided eight years ago to realise her dream of being a full-time traveller and is still going strong. Her appreciation of slow travel and determination to craft a life for herself … Continue reading A Week in the Life

The Common Storm

This is an interesting one. https://soundcloud.com/emma-jay-ashton/the-common-storm Usually, when recording, I do a kind of "rough draft" first, getting all the bits in the right places, experimenting, layering tracks. Then, I go back and do it all again, making sure it's polished, clean and complete. But it always loses something. It loses the raw energy of … Continue reading The Common Storm

The Witch’s Daughter

Like my trendy picture? I couldn't summon up a spooky enough vibe in this tropical climate so I went with this instead. Those of you who have been following me for a while will know that around this time, as autumn sets in and Halloween approaches, I am partial to making the odd spooky ballad. … Continue reading The Witch’s Daughter

Hammocks of the Azuero/Homecoming

After a month winding my way up and down the Trans-American highway to reach parts of Panama other musicians cannot reach, I conclude with the following: Three things I love about travelling in Panama The three best hostels I stayed in during the journey A special report on the return to Bocas, with music, sloths, … Continue reading Hammocks of the Azuero/Homecoming