Behind the Fears: Part 2, Portugal

How It Became What It Is


Live from a boat in the Caribbean Sea!

We met Semo and Marco back in El Hierro where we saw them off on their Atlantic crossing so were delighted to bump into them again in Grenada a few weeks ago. Semo and Marco are punks who run an avant garde theatre back in Barcelona, so, when they invited us for dinner on their … Continue reading Live from a boat in the Caribbean Sea!

Farewell and fine festive greetings

We set sail across the seas tonight. The self steering is fixed, we have enough drinking water to last six weeks (if only Jesus was still around) and perhaps most importantly, we now have a banana hammock. You can't possibly cross the Atlantic without a fruit hammock, you see. As my¬†own special form of farewell, … Continue reading Farewell and fine festive greetings