New song! Bashed out in Bonaire, I Bring You…

Lunar Sky! Here is a musical introduction to my latest adventurous tales, soon to come. Written during crucial engine repairs over a pristine coral reef, I originally wrote and recorded this song using nonsense syllables. Then, when I listened back, the nonsense sounded like words, and when I wrote them down, they told a … Continue reading New song! Bashed out in Bonaire, I Bring You…

The Dinghy of Doubt

This is me in the dinghy. The dinghy provides safe, dry (ish) transport to the shore from a mooring or anchorage, at any time of the day or night, as well as a handy albeit never even remotely graceful entry point into the boat after a swim. My relationship with this dinghy has been fraught … Continue reading The Dinghy of Doubt

Bonaire in One Day

Our wonderful friend Terence and his equally wonderful parents treated us to a whistle-stop air-conditioned tour of the island in all it's splendour, including lunch at the gorgeous Windsurf Grill at Sorobon. Bonaire has made a big impression; the island is stunningly unspoilt and relaxed and the people are unbelievably welcoming. Big thank you to … Continue reading Bonaire in One Day

Union Island and Bonaire…things get sticky

As in, hot. I mean, really hot. Bursting out of your own skin hot. The world simmers like freshly laid tar. Chips and Sprite never tasted so good. But under the water...all is well. Fish of all different colours pass like indifferent commuters. Lazy turtles lie still and do very convincing stone impressions. On the … Continue reading Union Island and Bonaire…things get sticky