Welcome to my new songAge. That was an autocorrect but i liked it.

This is the first recording I’ve done with my new Apogee mic. The sound quality from such a tiny thing is unbelievable. I hope you enjoy it. This was another one written in Portugal and recorded here in Morocco. I’m clearing out my head so I can write some strangely rhythmic stuff using Moroccan modes, obviously.

Any tips on using this mic gratefully accepted. Still learning. Guitar seems to record better closer to the fretboard but I am still torn on how close to sing to the mic. Exciting times for this technophobe!

Moroccan gnaus music

Moroccan gnaus music

For all my music geek friends, a genre of music from the Agadir/Essaoueira area, originating from when West African slaves were brought through and traded in Morocco. The slaves picked up West African influences and used the cuffs of their shackles as percussion.  Live gnaus/gnawa musicians play in all the restaurants along the coast here, injecting infectious rhythms and senses of humour into the music. Personally, my favourite aspect of this music is the hats with the swirly tassles. 

Boat studio!

imageLook how chuffed I am.

I was the very excited recipient of a rather fab Apogee mic to use with the iPad today. This means that I can make really high quality recordings, on a boat, or on a Beach.

I intend to record some things immediately to share with you. Once I’ve finished eating this spagbol. I’m a bit achy in my bones today.

But for now, here is a Portuguese sketch, written in Portugal, recorded here in Agadir, without the swanky new mic.  It’s called “Meco”. Enjoy.

Lingering in Agadir

One day, I might actually work out how this interweb works. Is my picture there? Jaysus.

Anyway, I am relaxing in the tourist town of Agadir, which is under mist at the moment. All memories of monstrous black waves of death, dolphin pods, cuppa soup overdose, sleep deprivation hallucinations, phosphorescence, crying for my mummy (just one night, when the waves were really monstrous and black) and utter isolation have faded, leaving only a blissful relaxed mood tinged with the nagging feeling that I’ve missed a creative arts meeting or not paid a gas bill.

I’m going to try and post this now. Wish me luck.


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