Cave Song This song was actually written by a cave woman, many millenia ago, and sent to me, through the ages, on a lunar wind. She watches her family, and learns from them. She burns with the fire of discovery and hears echoes from her own future. Her heart cries for glory and for things she … Continue reading Cave Song

The Common Storm

This is an interesting one. Usually, when recording, I do a kind of "rough draft" first, getting all the bits in the right places, experimenting, layering tracks. Then, I go back and do it all again, making sure it's polished, clean and complete. But it always loses something. It loses the raw energy of … Continue reading The Common Storm

The Witch’s Daughter

Like my trendy picture? I couldn't summon up a spooky enough vibe in this tropical climate so I went with this instead. Those of you who have been following me for a while will know that around this time, as autumn sets in and Halloween approaches, I am partial to making the odd spooky ballad. … Continue reading The Witch’s Daughter

Night Rainbow

While I take a very deep breath and come to terms with the massiveness of the adventure I've had, I share with you a song I wrote and recorded in El Hierro, Canary Islands ago. Many months ago, on the other side of the Atlantic, I glimpsed a night rainbow, something I didn't even know … Continue reading Night Rainbow

New song! Bashed out in Bonaire, I Bring You…

Lunar Sky! Here is a musical introduction to my latest adventurous tales, soon to come. Written during crucial engine repairs over a pristine coral reef, I originally wrote and recorded this song using nonsense syllables. Then, when I listened back, the nonsense sounded like words, and when I wrote them down, they told a … Continue reading New song! Bashed out in Bonaire, I Bring You…