Atomic Bomb! The Music of William Onyeabar, David Byrne and Others ;)

I love William Onyeabar!

The world of music is infinite and that’s a positive vibration for the planet. Speaking of positive vibrations have you heard of William Onyeabar? I just learned about his unique rhythmic music this morning . William Onyeabar was a funk musician from Nigeria. According to the Luaka Bop record label, Onyeabor “self-released 8 albums between 1978 and 1985 and then became a born-again Christian, refusing ever to speak about himself or his music again.

Onyeabar’s music speaks volumes by itself and more explosively through the interpretation  of others. David Byrne who knows how music works has assembled the Atomic Bomb Band. They made their major network debut on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Put on your ten-gallon hat and groove to “Fantastic Man“.

David Byrne, the Atomic Bomb Band and other fervent Onyeabar stalwarts are performing in Los Angeles and San Francisco this week.

The US…

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