Cave Song

This song was actually written by a cave woman, many millenia ago, and sent to me, through the ages, on a lunar wind.

She watches her family, and learns from them. She burns with the fire of discovery and hears echoes from her own future.

Her heart cries for glory and for things she doesn’t understand…just like mine does.

She has an acute awareness of her own impermanence, and wonders, as she sees the face of her children in the moonlight, what will become of her, and whether her suffering has a purpose.

I imagine this woman, staring up at an infinite sky, her mind filled with the same questions, the same desires, the same concerns and the same emotions as I have, right now, thousands of years later. I was filled with a sense of timelessness I will never forget.

And if that doesn’t float your boat, check out the video. It’s got some nice arty shots of seagulls. Featuring guest vocals from Tomer and Yahel Allouche and perhaps the most underestimated musical instrument ever: the recorder.

Photo of Venao by Rodrigo Suriani, at

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