Chess Nuts Boasting in an Open Foyer

Tropical festive Christmas bonkers


Emma does a (Panama) City Break

I only arrived an hour ago; enough time to have a mini-mooch, the results of which are below. I'm in the old town, at Magnolia Hotel. Over the river the skyline glitters and beckons. Still wondering if there's a Zara...

A Week in the Life

Here is a link to a guest post I wrote I while back, for The Professional Hobo; a website run by Nora Dunn, who decided eight years ago to realise her dream of being a full-time traveller and is still going strong. Her appreciation of slow travel and determination to craft a life for herself … Continue reading A Week in the Life

On the Road Again

Sitting drinking coffee at the Golden Grill, I watch as Bocas slowly awakes from stupor; those who have been up since the crack of dawn mingling with the dazed, dishevelled backpackers emerging from their dorms after another heavy night out. Last night was Ladies' Night at the Iguana Bar; i.e. Free drinks for the ladies. … Continue reading On the Road Again