The Common Storm

This is an interesting one.

Usually, when recording, I do a kind of “rough draft” first, getting all the bits in the right places, experimenting, layering tracks. Then, I go back and do it all again, making sure it’s polished, clean and complete.

But it always loses something. It loses the raw energy of the original creative splurge, which gets lost in the quest for recording perfection.

I wanted to post this song in all it’s raw goodness. A lot of it was recorded improvisation. Yes, it ends weirdly. There’s a bit of background noise. And yes, one can hear a jungle bird singing if one listens closely enough.

But I love the energy and the honesty of it.

So my next challenge will be how to keep that energy at the same time as producing a high-quality recording. Which is mostly all about beating “red-light syndrome”; the weird nervousness that sets in when you know you’re recording. I’ll keep you posted. I hope you like the song, and I welcome all manner of feedback.

Thank you to the wonderfully feisty Belen at Pin-ups Cafe in Bocas, who lets me sit for hours in her cafe and feeds me all manner of delectable cakes while I grit my teeth through another Panama-slow upload session. xx

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