The Witch’s Daughter

Like my trendy picture? I couldn't summon up a spooky enough vibe in this tropical climate so I went with this instead. Those of you who have been following me for a while will know that around this time, as autumn sets in and Halloween approaches, I am partial to making the odd spooky ballad. … Continue reading The Witch’s Daughter


Jungle Boogie

Some photos from my latest gig. The Jungle Lounge is nestled in the jungle just five minutes from Red Frog Beach. The afternoon was balmy and relaxed. We had some guests from Argentina singing tango, and even some live tango dancing. Hopefully this won't be my last jungle gig. Certainly a change from O'Luains Irish … Continue reading Jungle Boogie

Hammocks of the Azuero/Homecoming

After a month winding my way up and down the Trans-American highway to reach parts of Panama other musicians cannot reach, I conclude with the following: Three things I love about travelling in Panama The three best hostels I stayed in during the journey A special report on the return to Bocas, with music, sloths, … Continue reading Hammocks of the Azuero/Homecoming