Helmets Off!

Hello there. I am in Santa Catalina, the surf capital of Panama. Phil is here enjoying some “sick” waves, and I am spending my days reading, relaxing, and making friendship bands of course. I feel I owe the readers of this blog a brief explanation. If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed a … Continue reading Helmets Off!


Hammocks of the Azuero, Part 2

6 september continued... I am in Santa Fe. It is a quiet mountain town which has a ghostly, half-abandoned atmosphere. There are horses tied up outside supermarkets. Incidentally, the fact that every Panamanian town, no matter how small or remote, has a Chinese supermarket, is something that baffles me.  A lonely wind blows over cloud-covered … Continue reading Hammocks of the Azuero, Part 2

Hammocks of the Azuero, Part 1

Apologies for the prolonged absence...I fully intend to make up for it, despite a lack of certain punctuation marks on this borrowed laptop (it beats the olde worlde internette shoppes though), with a thrilling article detailing my intrepid adventures around the Azuero Peninsula, on the Pacific Coast of Panama. Yes, I am back to my … Continue reading Hammocks of the Azuero, Part 1