Are you sure? I’m Positive

I am very pleased to have an article currently featured on the Positive News website: Positive News about creativity and travel. It was this guy The Blue Dot Perspective who gave me the chance to write for Positive News. ¬†Thanks Aaron. Here is the link to the article Songs from the Sea And while you're … Continue reading Are you sure? I’m Positive


What Happens when you Stop

Time to recline in a position of comfort to work on top-secret new novel and blog ideas. All I can say at this point: whimsical, hilarious, genuine, on-trend and ultimately paradigm-shifting: that's the standard of work you should start looking forward to.Definitely shouldn't log in to wifi as will end up trawling through rubbish for … Continue reading What Happens when you Stop

Night Rainbow

While I take a very deep breath and come to terms with the massiveness of the adventure I've had, I share with you a song I wrote and recorded in El Hierro, Canary Islands ago. Many months ago, on the other side of the Atlantic, I glimpsed a night rainbow, something I didn't even know … Continue reading Night Rainbow

No-see-ums in Paradise

It's not all relaxing, you know. The water varies in depth over this lagoon, nicknamed the swimming pool, with some areas only two or three feet deep and others up to 20 feet. We've spotted at least one large turtle, plenty of rays, and one eagle ray which does its rounds around Bloodshot each evening. … Continue reading No-see-ums in Paradise

I like it Hot but Not This Hot

We sailed from Santa Marta to Puerto Velero fuelled by Jamie Oliver's delicious bacon-coated meatloaf (Recipe here especially for Jon ) and good conditions. More fruit juice for the local coastguard (I wonder if they are baffled by all these sailors enthusiastically pulling out the fruit juice for them; all because of one blogger's suggestion) … Continue reading I like it Hot but Not This Hot