New song! Bashed out in Bonaire, I Bring You…

Lunar Sky!
Here is a musical introduction to my latest adventurous tales, soon to come.

Written during crucial engine repairs over a pristine coral reef, I originally wrote and recorded this song using nonsense syllables. Then, when I listened back, the nonsense sounded like words, and when I wrote them down, they told a strange little story of my adventures in life and love.


I’ve stopped waiting for quiet days to record in the boat and am trying to let a little background noise go. These are sketches, after all, and one cannot be fussy when one’s studio is in a boat.

The whole thing took about six very windy hours. SUCH FUN!

And if you should ever want to find this song again, which you will because it’s well catchy, you can follow the “sea songs” link at the top of the page. That’s right, I categorised everything. Please bask in my organisation skills.


5 thoughts on “New song! Bashed out in Bonaire, I Bring You…

  1. just checking that worked. i couldn’t work out how to make comments before…hurrah it did! you are awesome, composing and recording in a boat for goodness sake, what a magical sailor you are. lots of love to both of you and your music xx

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