Union Island and Bonaire…things get sticky

As in, hot. I mean, really hot. Bursting out of your own skin hot.

The world simmers like freshly laid tar. Chips and Sprite never tasted so good.

But under the water…all is well. Fish of all different colours pass like indifferent commuters. Lazy turtles lie still and do very convincing stone impressions.

On the beach, sand and driftwood are bleached white by the relentless sun, providing stark contrast to the colourful flap of the kites, left in the sand like stranded jellyfish.

Everything is easy on Bonaire. On first impressions the past seems to rest easy with the present. It’s the kind of place a week passes by without you even noticing.

But beware the sun. Let the final photo of this gallery serve as a warning to those of you who are fair of face. Factor 30 simply isn’t enough in the Caribbean, people.

Oh, and please don’t worry about the donkeys too much. This lady is all over it, so you can always send her a donation.


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