As an appendix to the Atlantic tales previously recounted, I present you with NIGHT WARRIOR!  – a comedy song recorded in the middle of the Atlantic.

The open ocean becomes a different place altogether at night. Phosphorescence, moonlight and meditations on infinity aside, it is WELL scary. However as the nights passed I began to adjust, feeling less like a pathetic, terrified mess, gradually and seamlessly transforming into a fearless watch woman, guardian of the night time hours, facing monstrous black waves of death with stoic good humour, never succumbing to those midnight urges to skip a watch and read another chapter of Game of Thrones.

The tale of the NIGHT WARRIOR is told in heavy Metal format for your listening pleasure. A quick note on the lyrics: in the first verse I refer to “switching in Sauron and turning up the gain”. Sauron is the name of our radar, and turning up the gain tunes out interference from rain showers (squalls) enabling the Night Warrior to see approaching ships/zombies more clearly.
Travel with me through a night at sea; accompany me as I relive those endless nights…
Click on the link below…

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