Now that’s what I call Crossing the Atlantic

It wasn’t all scoffing our faces and lounging around in the sun you know.

Included are a few pictures from places we’ve visited so far; Grenada and Carriacou. There’s about three or four hundred more islands to explore just in the Grenadines.

Witnessed a presumably very rich woman in Grenada who, when speaking to the dock workers spoke with a strong Caribbean twang i.e. “Cha mon, we fill di fewel and den we gwan, irie” then her even richer mate came along and she was all like “Dahhlings! Have you met Chris? Eeehbsolute sweetheart, what, we had a spiffing time in the BVIs what.”

People here are funny.

Anyway, on with the pics. I’m off for a swim.

One thought on “Now that’s what I call Crossing the Atlantic

  1. Hi Emma and Phil I love looking at your blog and photos……keep them coming. Where are you off to now?. I missed out on a trip to the Caribbean!!!!!! Let me know when you are stopping somewhere long enough for me to visit?…….or is it a ploy to keep moving !!!!!! Sad news about Daniel being killed, I think your Dad has sent a text to you about it. Stay safe and be happy, lots of love mum xxxx Sent from my iPad


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