As an appendix to the Atlantic tales previously recounted, I present you with NIGHT WARRIOR!  - a comedy song recorded in the middle of the Atlantic. The open ocean becomes a different place altogether at night. Phosphorescence, moonlight and meditations on infinity aside, it is WELL scary. However as the nights passed I began to … Continue reading NIGHT WARRIOR


Now that’s what I call Crossing the Atlantic

It wasn't all scoffing our faces and lounging around in the sun you know. Included are a few pictures from places we've visited so far; Grenada and Carriacou. There's about three or four hundred more islands to explore just in the Grenadines. Witnessed a presumably very rich woman in Grenada who, when speaking to the … Continue reading Now that’s what I call Crossing the Atlantic

They’ve Only Gone and Done It

  It's a difficult thing to express, but since setting out on these adventures, I've felt less like I'm having experiences, than that they are having me. Daily and unforeseen challenges that drag me out of the comfort zone and would otherwise have me running for the hills (or the pub) are encountered in equal … Continue reading They’ve Only Gone and Done It