The Story So Far


A few photos taken over the last six months. Has it been six months?

Bejaysus begorra.


Bloodshot getting its final coat of paint back in Alges


Morocco: Fishing boat outside Agadir, sheep market and beach at Tarhazoute, and Wawa the camel.


Driving through the Atlas Mountains


Yoga in a kasbah at Oulad Outhmane, and Skipper meets a kindred spirit


Our friend John having a kite surf lesson in Lanzarote. John is now heading to Guadeloupe. He’s slightly faster than us.

After our last attempt, I’m conscious of gadding about going “Ya we’re totes going to cross the Atlantic, what, a romp in the trades is just the ticket” when we could easily end up on another random Canarian island for another two months. So keep an eye out for my next post. It might be from Panama. Or Martinique. Or from right here in El Hierro. Or Senegal. Or Cape Verde…

These guys have just kite surfed across the pond

And these sharks do it all the time (controversial website)

So I’m still looking forward to following in their footsteps.

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