The Story So Far

A few photos taken over the last six months. Has it been six months? Bejaysus begorra. Bloodshot getting its final coat of paint back in Alges Morocco: Fishing boat outside Agadir, sheep market and beach at Tarhazoute, and Wawa the camel. Driving through the Atlas Mountains Yoga in a kasbah at Oulad Outhmane, and Skipper … Continue reading The Story So Far


Adventures in Ancestry

The ancient plains of the island have got me thinking about how our ancestry weaves, mostly unseen, through all our actions, thoughts and emotions. When intuition is open, it is possible to hear the voices of the past, sometimes restricting us if we don't understand them, but mostly urging us on towards our shared destiny. … Continue reading Adventures in Ancestry

Some photos from the Iron Isle

The San Antonio festival in the "big town" of El Pinar. Against the proud bright blue of the Atlantic, El Pinar rises six hundred metres into the sky, so that it is often hidden by cloud. On a clear day, the brightly painted houses and apple blossoms line cobbled streets in a festival of colour, … Continue reading Some photos from the Iron Isle