New Song! New Song!


Finally finished!

It’s a phrenetic yet determined piece of music which completely took hold of me for a few days.

I think the sense of excitement and more than a little trepidation I feel on the run up to the Atlantic Crossing has worked its way into my music…

I’ve never enjoyed recording a song as much as this one. It sent me a bit mad I think, but all the while I was thinking yes yes yes, this is the kind of music I want to make.

So listen to it, make of it what you will. I’d love to hear your opinions, on this one or on any of the other sea sketches I’ve recorded. If you like it, share it with all your friends. If you have any. If not, share it with your mum.

Here it is…

3 thoughts on “New Song! New Song!

  1. Can hear the sea and tinkle tinkle of the masts in the breeze! Seems to me in the same vein as “Time in Pieces” but maybe that’s just me?
    You know I love it anyway x x x

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