The Most Sensitive Part of a Woman…

…is her blog, according to my mate Gav.

…so I thought I’d give that blog a bit of attention.

I’m having a wonderful time here with the mother and the bunch of reprobates that pass as my friends (cue mum… “I’ve not bloody seen you since you got here…”) despite the intoxicating effects of ye old Christmasse spirite, which have me constantly fighting urges to buy Heston Blumenthal handbag puddings, and then give them to Big Issue sellers to assuage the consumer guilt.


I feel for you English folk who have weeks of this Christmas madness left to tolerate. Perhaps you should buy yourself a handbag pudding to make yourself feel better?

Or you could listen to the Riot Jazz Band instead. Click on the link below.

And don’t worry about my mum, I’m taking her to the ballet on Wednesday.

One thought on “The Most Sensitive Part of a Woman…

  1. You have been.away too long….we English people know that the run up to Christmas starts mid October here…..any way I look forward to eating my new handbag!!! xx

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