The Beautiful and the Strange

Welcome to Thursday’s blog post. Is it Thursday? Who am I?

This is turning out to be a beautiful and strange day. I found this stunning music this morning. I love finding new music which takes your breath away and challenges you. And also fills you with the urge to make beautiful sounds as quickly as possible.

i also wrote some strange words today…


which may eventually turn into a song.

I like my secret place best.
My secret place shines, red and green, like the finest rubies and emeralds,
Like the sun on a hot day through autumn trees.

In my secret place, eyes shine with the same light as the sky. In this place, I am mistress, and master too, and all of our equals revel in themselves. I am queen amongst gentleness and grace, and all the while, flickers and bubbles of something greater transform my place into somewhere which always sparkles. Fires burn blue and purple, safe waters shine bright and people dance, heavy and light with the weight and the wonder of our place.

In my place smiles create magic, the turn of the head is poetic, and I feel a blissful and balanced equality with all those who are around me. There is no suffering, only boundless days full of that queer, intangible magic I only feel fleetingly here, on this earth, which smells, and is difficult, despite its wonder.

One thought on “The Beautiful and the Strange

  1. It seems you are being inspired by many things – no wonder – your life has changed so much in the last couple of months. So has mine!! I switch on the laptop every evening, looking eagerly for your next post, I also can’t wait for your next piece of work, I know already it will be

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