Eerie Halloween Ballad…coming in just a few moments

I've discovered recently that one of the more welcome side effects of seasickness (more welcome than the tendency to wallow in self pity and loathing whilst sitting on a bathroom floor with no pants on)* is a wavelike stream of unexpected, vivid and beautiful images and phrases. Wonderful, colourful things flow into my mind unbidden … Continue reading Eerie Halloween Ballad…coming in just a few moments


Moroccan gnaus music

Moroccan gnaus music For all my music geek friends, a genre of music from the Agadir/Essaoueira area, originating from when West African slaves were brought through and traded in Morocco. The slaves picked up West African influences and used the cuffs of their shackles as percussion. ┬áLive gnaus/gnawa musicians play in all the restaurants along … Continue reading Moroccan gnaus music